ID Cards

  • You'll need your member ID card when you see a doctor or fill a prescription. 

    If you need a replacement card, you can request one be sent to you.

    Frequently asked ID card questions

  • If you're new to LifeWise, it takes about a week to receive your ID card from the time you paid for your plan. Your ID card might be on its way. If it’s been longer than that, you may want to request your ID card.

    We squeeze a lot of information on your ID card. Here's a guide to what's there.

    Please note: This is a sample ID card. Your card may vary, depending on your plan.

    ID card front

    • Member: The person eligible for covered services.
    • Prefix: These three letters are needed for processing your claims.
    • Identification #: This helps us verify your eligibility and coverage when you call customer service.
    • Suffix: This number indicates the member's relationship to the subscriber. (The subscriber is 01. Additional members on the plan are indicated by 02, 03, and so on.)
    • Group #: This identifies the benefits of your particular plan.
    • Rx group # and Bin #: Pharmacists use these numbers to process your prescriptions.
    • Date printed: The day your card was issued.
    • Rx symbol: Indicates that you have prescription coverage.
    • Medical network: Name of your health care provider network.
    • Dental: Name of your dental plan, if applicable.
    • Rx plan: Indicates the drug list associated with your plan.
    • Retail Rx: The amount you pay when you visit a participating pharmacy. Drugs are priced at different levels.
    • Mail-order Rx: The amounts you pay for any prescription (up to a 90-day supply) when you use the Express Scripts® Home Delivery. The amount varies by the type of drug. Learn more about Express Scripts mail-order.

    Yes, pediatric and adult dental plans have separate ID numbers, so you will receive a printed card in the mail.

    The copay indicated on your card is the amount you will pay on the day of service. (Copay is waived if you're directly admitted to an inpatient facility). Once we receive the claim, any emergency room charges above the copay will apply to your deductible. Any other services rendered will apply to the appropriate benefit.

    This varies. If you have your plan through your employer, contact your group administrator (usually human resources) to correct your information.

    If you bought through Washington Healthplanfinder, contact them at 855-760-0231 to change your information.

    Otherwise, contact us either by calling or log into your online account and send us a secure email.