Individual and Family Dental

  • Adding a LifeWise dental plan to your individual health plan means you'll have complete high-quality coverage. Since research indicates that good oral health is key to your overall health, there's even more reason to enroll. Especially when you consider our dental plans offer predictable costs on over 200 dental procedures. With a strong and growing provider network, you're sure to find a preferred dentist conveniently located near you.

    LifeWise Dental Copay Plans Feature:

    • Choice of deductible - choose either a $50 or $75 annual deductible plan.
    • Predictability of costs - you'll pay one set copay for each of the more than 200 covered services
    • Easy plan administration - one application, one bill, one ID card, one customer service line and one resource-rich website.
    • Wide range of coverage - you'll be covered for the most commonly used preventive, minor and major dental services.
    • Choice of providers - use our “find a doctor” tool to find a dentist in your area. Choose “Dental” from the Network drop-down list.
    • On-going support - you'll receive online access to a wealth of dental health information.

    To Learn More About our Individual Dental Copay Plans and Enroll:

    You can only enroll in a LifeWise dental plan at the same time as your apply for a LifeWise health plan or during our add-on period. The initial add-on period is for effective dates of November 1 through December 31, 2013 for a January 1, 2014 effective date.

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