Pharmacy Discount Program

  • LifeWise offers you a pharmacy discount program for our plans that do not have prescription drug coverage. This program can save you up to 50 percent on prescriptions filled at participating pharmacies just by showing your LifeWise ID card. For example:

    Retail – up to 30 days Mail Order – up to 90 days
    Generic up to 50% up to 50%
    Brand up to 9.5% up to 15%
    Specialty Drugs up to 9.5% up to 7.4%

    Drug cost-comparison tool

    Let Express Scripts help you determine your average drug costs. It's simple! Go to the Discount Card Program site (enter access code: 350098037) and follow the step-by-step instructions. Express Scripts online tool will give you the cost of the medication you take based on the pharmacy you select.

    Keep in mind that drug costs can vary by day and by pharmacy. You may want to shop around frequently for the best price by using the Discount Card Program site (enter access code: 350098037).

    If you prefer to talk to someone live, call Express Scripts at 800-391-9701.