What can you do to keep diabetes under control?

woman doing yoga Thursday, January 31, 2019

If you're managing diabetes, you know you need to eat right and exercise to keep your blood sugar in check. We also wanted you to know about the health checks that can help you avoid diabetes complications.

Most health plans cover 3 tests and home blood glucose meters. But it's important to talk to your doctor about which tests they recommend for you and what a reasonable testing schedule would be.

Blood sugar (glucose) tests

Knowing your blood sugar level is key to managing diabetes. Two common tests you may need include:

  • Blood glucose test
    You can take this test in a lab or take it at home with a blood glucose meter. You can track how different foods, exercise, medicine, and stress affect your blood sugar level. Your doctor can help you set a testing schedule and understand your target levels.
  • A1C test
    You can take this test at your doctor's office. It measures your average blood sugar level over a 3-month period. The target blood sugar level is under 7 percent. Get this test once every 3 to 6 months, or as your doctor recommends.

Retinal exam

Diabetes can cause problems in your retinas. That's the part of the eye responsible for sight. If your doctor notices changes to your retinas, early treatment can prevent permanent damage. See your eye doctor once a year for a retinal exam.

Find out what your plan covers

LifeWise supports our customers with diabetes. Learn more about diabetes coverage or sign in to our website to find out how your plan covers these tests. You'll find the information under plan benefits. 

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